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Special Mitzvah Celebrations

Adding a party to the plans may seem overwhelming but know that outstanding vendors and clever modifications can make a Mitzvah celebration a memorable, positive experience.

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7 Things to do While your Bat Mitzvah Kid is at Camp

  Your teen may want to be involved in several aspects of her bat mitzvah celebration plans, but you don’t need her for everything. While she’s making friends at camp or working at a summer job, check off these seven mitzvah-related tasks. You’ll be glad you did...

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Balloons to Bats: The Evolution of Mitzvah Parties

As you plan your child’s big day, do you think it’ll be very different from yours? This year marks Let’s Celebrate’s 25th anniversary, so we asked Founder/VP Denise Rindsberg and President Amy Nichols – both event design experts and veterans of hundreds of simchas -...

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The Advantages of Afternoon Affairs

An afternoon bar mitzvah party may save on catering costs, wardrobe and alcohol. Early celebrations can also afford you more time with out-of-towners and help you nab that hard-to-get vendor.

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5 Tips from Mitzvah Moms

You are somewhere in that time between that day when you got your mitzvah date and the big day. How are you doing? Even if your mitzvah is 2 years out or 3 months away, you may be getting stressed out. Here are some tips from fellow moms that have been there. 1. Don’t...

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I have my date – Now what? Your To-Do List

Confused with your next step?  Use this worksheet to help you get started!  There are more steps involved – but this list is a good starting point for the party.  Start early and do a little at a time and you will be good-to-go! Download and Print Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah...

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Stealing The Good Stuff… from other people’s parties!

How to Make the Most of Your Time on the Mitzvah Circuit It's Bar and Bat Mitzvah season, meaning your child - and you-  will likely be invited to several celebrations. If you're in planning mode, attending other people's parties is a great way to find out what you...

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Final Weekend List – What am I forgetting?

It’s almost the big day and you have piles everywhere. Ask yourself – what am I forgetting??? What To Bring to Services: Kippahs & Tallit (for both child and father) Child’s Service materials and Speech Parent’s Speech Programs for guests (if applicable) Tissues...

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Get Organized!

If you can get organized, you are ahead of game! Here are a few tips to make that happen… 1. Have a binder and keep ALL of your mitzvah materials in one place.  (I provide a binder with instructions for each vendor in my Party Consulting package) 2. Input all of your...

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So Many Vendors! Vendor Tips…

Ok – yes, there are a lot of vendors involved in planning your party – venues, caterers, decorators, photographers, DJs, videographers, montage creators, invitations, photo extras, favors, and more… 1. Keep all your notes in one place.  Notes from phone calls, emails...

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