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5 Reasons to Call the CVB about Your Mitzvah Weekend

Maybe you’ve heard of your city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, but you have no idea what it does. Get excited, because your CVB can help a LOT with your bar/bat mitzvah planning. For real. We spoke to Visit Sandy Springs and the Awesome Alpharetta CVB to get the details. Here’s why you should reach out:

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The Research is Here! You need 20 hotel rooms with a hospitality room and a pool?  You want a venue that can hold 75 people? Or maybe one that can hold 275? With one phone call, you’ll have that information available to you. It’s the job of the CVB to know all the area’s venues including their capacities, style, and amenities. From hotels for your out-of-towners to that ideal Mitzvah party room to restaurants with private rooms for your Shabbat dinner, your CVB Mitzvah specialist can save you dozens of research hours obtaining info and pricing. It’s a one-stop resource for free personalized planning services.

One Point of Contact. Instead of you having to call every venue you want to tour or restaurant you want to visit, your CVB contact will set up everything and even accompany you (and your event planner, if you have one) if you like. Once you find the perfect place for housing out-of-town guests and celebrating your Mitzvah kid, she will introduce you to the sales manager so you can connect directly. But… she’ll also stay involved if you want. One CVB team member mentioned taking a phone call from a parent during a Mitzvah celebration when she needed assistance!

Insider Info. Because they know their city inside and out, your CVB team can give you insider tips for the best activities your city has to offer, at the best prices. They can also suggest customized itineraries for attendees who want to make the Mitzvah weekend a true vacation in the down time between and after events.

Welcome Bags and Swag. You CVB will put together welcome bags for all your visiting guests with info about the area, local attractions, things to do while here, and usually some small gifts of branded merchandise and merchant discounts. Work with them to customize the info or add it to what you plan to put in hotel rooms. Again, this saves you time and money you can focus elsewhere.

It’s Free. How much will all this cost? Not. One. Penny. The CVB’s goal is to attract people to stay in its city’s hotels, dine in restaurants, visit attractions and shop in stores. When your guests have a great time, it’s good for tourism. And it’s really good for you, because you’ll look like the most connected thoughtful hostess around!

Want to get started? Reach out to Visit Sandy Springs and the Alpharetta CVB to get rolling on your plans!


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