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Get Creative with Bar Mitzvah Party Food

Focus on your Mitzvah menus to make your simcha stand out! From the kids’ buffet to desserts, we’ve rounded up some unique and unconventional ways to feed your bar or bat mitzvah guests and customize your event.

Food and Drink
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Riff on the Classics

Most kids love chicken nuggets, French fries and burgers. If you plan to serve classics like these, think of ways to give them a fresh take. Consider:

-burgers stuffed in pita pockets or pretzel rolls
-chicken strips with unusual dipping sauces like sriracha mayo or tomato pesto
-Fries (or the more rarely seen tater tots) with toppings like shredded cheese, barbecue sauce and gravy
-Turn heads at cocktail hour by serving the adults grown-up versions of kid faves

Spin the Serve

Crudites may be basic, but they get new life when served in a martini glass with a cheese-stuffed olive garnish. Ask your caterer or venue for serving pieces or methods that inject personality into each dish. Think:

-s’mores on skewers
-soup sips in shot glasses
-mason jar salads
-fresh fruit in champagne glasses
Or invite a food truck  to serve straight out of the vehicle, lending an unusual character to the dinner hour or a late night dessert surprise.

Beat the Clock

Serving a food at an unexpected time of day can take guests by (pleasant) surprise! At Kiddush luncheon consider serving a dinner-worthy entrée, like vegetarian lasagna with plenty of cheese. At a night party, try French toast dippers or an omelet/crepe station. Who doesn’t like breakfast for dinner?

Embellish and Garnish

When you want a dish to stand out, think of how to top it, dip it or toast it! Try:

-Cotton candy on light up wands
-Logos in whipped cream and cinnamon on coffee drinks
-Cheese puffs or popcorn tossed with liquid nitrogen to give off “smoke” when eaten
-Frozen sugared fruit skewers with smoothies
-Mini donuts dipped in hot fudge, caramel or fruit sauces

Stations and Stands

Whether you have a chef cooking and serving or a DIY set-up, stations let guests pick out just what they’d like on their plates. It’s not just salad or pasta bars anymore! Some ideas to consider:

-Israeli spreads and warm pita
-Mac and Cheese bar with proteins, veggies and sauces
-Waffle press with mix-ins
-Stir fry on demand

VIP Vendors

If there’s a special food that fits your theme, or a must-have requested by your teen, consider a specialty food vendor to deliver. Check with your venue before arranging a contract, to be sure there are no conflicts or restrictions. Think:

-Snow cones or shaved ice
–Wood-fired pizza
-Funnel cakes or hot pretzels
–Liquid nitro ice cream or gourmet popsicles
-Freshly made doughnuts
-Specialty coffees and teas

Teen Tastes

Remember to consult your Mitzvah teen about fave flavors they’re hoping for, and consider special dietary needs of guests (allergies, restrictions, etc.)

Hungry for more?  Inventive caterers of the AMC Preferred Vendor Directory talk Mitzvah food trends.


blue colorful pattern of sprinkles