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7 Camp-Style Celebration Touches

If your Mitzvah kid’s favorite place on earth is camp, take the party there, or bring that camp feeling to your chosen venue with these campy celebration ideas.

Decor Tips
blue colorful pattern of sprinkles

Est. 2016. A camp emblem Mitzvah logo can set the tone for everything from dance floors to hoodies!

Hi Mom Menus. A clever card details the menu while mimicking camper notes home.

Cabin Fever. Kids’ lounge areas can feature bunk bed hangouts.

Want S’more? Classic s’mores are the ultimate camper party fuel.

Tie-Dyed Toppers. Bring some arts and crafts flair to the service.

camp kippah

Happy Trails. Send guests home with an edible treat: a trail mix they build themselves!

Light it up. A camper essential becomes a flashy favor!

For more camp celebration ideas, visit Atlanta Party Connection’s Camp Themed Pinterest board!


blue colorful pattern of sprinkles