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Look Up! 5 Unique Ceiling Décor Ideas for B’Mitzvahs 

Lighting, centerpieces, and wall decorations are all important for creating a festive atmosphere. But don't forget about the ceiling! Go above your guests' heads with these ideas for the top of your party room.

Decor Tips
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  1. POP goes the Ceiling

Instead of the classic balloon arch, consider a balloon ceiling! Not only does an arrangement over the dance floor add a POP of color, it reminds guests where to join the action. 

Credit: Cory Ryan Photography

  1. Parasols, Please

Lining the ceiling with parasols can add vibrant color and life while accenting a décor theme They can transport guests to the umbrella-covered streets of Greece or Mexico, or resemble jellyfish for an underwater excursion. 

Credit: Pinterest

  1. Floating Flowers

Who says flowers are just for tables? Adding florals to ceiling décor can be both elegant and whimsical. Single stems or abundant blossom chandeliers can make a bold statement or set a soft, garden-like tone.

Credit 5IVE5IFTEEN Photo Company
  1. Colorful Coils

This unique and colorful idea is a surefire way to wow your guests. Add a playful feeling to your party with coils of different length and size that sway and spring as guests dance below!

Credit: Party Slate

  1. Disco Dancefloor

The more disco vibes and dancing the better! Add a bevy of disco balls to make your ceiling sparkle and reflect your guests’ excitement!

Credit: Feel Good Events

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blue colorful pattern of sprinkles