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Party Surprises for Your Bar Mitzvah Kid

Your Bar Mitzvah kid will likely be involved in many aspects of planning his bar mitzvah celebration. But shouldn’t something be left to discover on his big day? We think so. Here are some ways to surprise your guest of honor:

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Invite Special Guests. If your child’s theme can be tied to a celebrity, popular character or sports mascot, why not have the real thing (or an impersonator) join the party? One basketball fan was surprised at her bat mitzvah by some Harlem Globetrotters who performed tricks with her!  It was the highlight of her evening. A college football fan was welcomed into his party by his favorite team mascot, who stuck around to do the horah!

Credit: Revelry House Photo

Choreograph a Tribute. Whether it’s a flash mob of your Mitzvah kid’s besties, a crowd of cousins doing a karaoke serenade, or a sports team high five line, create a surprising moment by enlisting a crew.

Credit: Southern Crust Catering

Truck and Treat. Hiring a food truck to park outside venue can be a WOW moment that extends the party vibe. Serve hot doughnuts, ice cream, pizza slices, or even breakfast – whatever your guest of honor loves!

Montage Cameos. Your teen may be expecting the usual parade of photos and loved ones in his montage, but what about including a video clip of his favorite relative who can’t travel, an adored celebrity, or camp counselor?

Credit: Balloon Artistry

Balloon Pop. How about a shower of mini-balloons or confetti at the end of the hora that no one saw coming? Décor elements can also be surprising!

Remember that the day is all about your guest of honor, but he doesn’t need to know everything that’s going to happen. Surprise him with an unexpected moment to make a lasting Mitzvah memory! Jump into the APC Preferred Vendor Directory and start brainstorming with a talented and creative Mitzvah vendors now.


blue colorful pattern of sprinkles