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Accept Help from Friends! Here’s How.

As your family’s simcha nears, friends may ask how planning is going and whether you need any help. Get ready to say a word we don’t often say when offered assistance: Yes. Yes! YES!

Planning Tools & Tips
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Parents often decline help because they don’t want to impose on their guests or they’re not sure how a friend or relative can share the load. If you’re not using a caterer for your oneg Shabbat, you may be having friends bake, but there are plenty of other ways to plug in your pals. Friends can:

  • Bake or buy edibles for the hospitality suite in your guests’ hotel (sweet and salty snacks, plasticware, paper plates.)
  • Stuff hospitality bags with your area maps, calendar of events, and treats.
  • Set up, take down, or even make decorations for your “sandwich events” around the big day, like Friday night dinner or Sunday brunch.
  • Wrap, bundle or organize party favors for guests or silverware rolls for Kiddush luncheon.
  • Drop off items ahead of time at the party venue or hotel.
  • Pick up guests at the airport or drive guests to services.
  • Serve as chaperone for kids being transported by bus to another venue to ensure no one gets left behind and everyone rides safely.
  • Help give out kippot in synagogue entry.
  • Run errands for out of town guests with last minute needs (toiletries, special dietary items, etc.)

And don’t forget, if friends didn’t want to help, they wouldn’t offer! Just say YES!


blue colorful pattern of sprinkles