Should You Sign that Bar Mitzvah Vendor Contract?

You’ve done tons of Bar Mitzvah vendor research (including attending the Bar/Bat Mitzvah EXPO!) but you haven’t gotten to the “Yes, you’re hired!” stage? Not sure if you’re done looking around? Ask yourself these 6 questions:


1. Did you get complete pricing from this vendor? Find out if gratuity is included or expected so there are no surprises later.

2. Did you get good feedback about this vendor from a  trusted friend or find them listed in the Atlanta Mitzvah Connection Preferred Vendor Directory?

3.  If it’s an event venue or hotel block for out-of-towners, do you like the amenities, do they offer transportation, and is it convenient for most of your weekend activities?

4.  If it’s a green screen, photo booth, or other photo entertainment partner, can the vendor accommodate the backgrounds, look, and guest takeaways you most want?

5.  If it’s a photographer or videographer, find out what happens after the event. When will you first see pics/video?  When do you get a DVD?  How long does it take to get the album/video? Make sure you fully understand the deliverables you’ll get and when you can expect to get them.

6. Finally, if you were to find out tomorrow that you can’t have this vendor because someone else took your date before you signed a contract, would you be upset or disappointed?

If you love the vendor, feel fine about the price (did you get your AMC Deal?), and have all the info you need about the working relationship, book it!  Moving from “maybe” to “yes” pushes the planning process along and allows you to cross off another to-do. Ta-da!