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Six-Pack of Out-of-the-Box B’Mitzvah Celebration Ideas

 ‍For b’mitzvah kids who want an active celebration that offers entertainment beyond the dance floor, Jumptastic has some out-of-the-box ideas that can engage guests of all ages.

Entertainment Tips
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“I hear from a lot of b’mitzvah families that they want to interact with guests in unique and memorable ways, and our inflatables and other rental offerings give them the chance to do just that,” says Ryan Miller of Jumptastic.

With pre-teen and teen guests of honor, some of the most popular Jumptastic rentals include:

Jousting: Two players attempt to knock each other off their pedestal by using giant cushioned batons into the padded arena below.

Wrecking Ball: Up to four players throw a ball to one another while maintaining their balance on the padded platform.

Human Foosball: Up to 10 players can compete to see who is the best foosballer, not just playing the popular game, but getting to be in the game!

Velcro Wall: Participants wear Velcro-covered suits, then run, jump, and launch themselves as high on the Velcro Wall as they can. Suits come in a range of sizes to accommodate a variety of guests.

Giant Two-Lane Obstacle Course: Guests can take on the course challenge two by two for fast-paced fun

How do you work inflatables into a theme, or build a theme around the activities you’d like to include?

Miller shares some themes that’ll put some bounce in b’mitzvah planning.

Medieval Madness: Create a Medieval Times-like atmosphere at your venue with décor worthy of royalty. Juggling jesters can invite guests to challenge each other in inflatable jousting matches to become the ultimate champion (for fun prizes, of course.) Guests can have fun “storming the castle” by leaping at a Velcro wall, adding an adventurous twist to the festivities.

Circus or Carnival Spectacular: Bring your guests under the big top with carnival treats and a circus-themed extravaganza. Set up an inflatable obstacle course resembling an acrobatic challenge, complete with rings to leap through and barriers to navigate. Midway games complete the scene.

Amazing Race: A reality TV-themed bash can have groups or teams competing in challenges for prizes or bragging rights. As they help each other take on an obstacle course, win in a physical foosball game, or hold their own in the wrecking ball arena, guests bond and interact in ways not typical for a b’mitzvah party.

Space Odyssey: Blast off into an out-of-this-world celebration with a space-themed bar or bat mitzvah party. Guests can pretend they’re tethered to a spaceship as they complete the bungee run against gravity or shoot for the stars in an inflatable basketball challenge. A Velcro wall can represent a lunar landing challenge, in which guests try to stick their landing on the moon.

Under the Sea: An ocean-themed or underwater b’mitzvah celebration sets a course for adventure with inflatable obstacle courses that can represent a coral reef maze and a tropical water slide complete with palm trees.

No Pool Party: Make it a pool party, without the pool! A foam party transforms a dance floor into a unique, sensory experience that will have guests playing and dancing in soft hypoallergenic bubbles. It’s a novel way to cool off in the warmer months and a creative twist on an immersive experience for all ages.

Where do Inflatables Work Best?

When planning for inflatables, the best venues for placement include sports facilities, indoor recreation centers, and park districts. These tend to offer the space needed for interactive activities while also having an opportunity to dance, show montages, and of course serve food. Jumptastic provides a list of suggested venues that have the space required for inflatable fun upon request. Outdoor events are always a great bet as well, but Miller recommends having a plan B in case of inclement weather. 

One recent bat mitzvah told the Jumptastic team that her family and friends couldn’t believe how much fun and high-energy the party was with inflatables on the scene. Inflatables can enhance the enjoyment and excitement of a b’mitzvah party, providing entertainment, physical activity, and memorable experiences for guests of all ages and abilities.

Plus, Miller noted, “You can’t beat the photo opportunities!”

To plan an active b’mitzvah celebration, check out the preferred vendors in our Event Rentals and Specialty Entertainment directories, including Jumptastic (and be sure to ask for your AMC deal!)

All photos courtesy of Jumptastic.


blue colorful pattern of sprinkles