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What to do with Yesterday’s Yarmulkes

You have to order kippot well ahead of your Bar Mitzvah date, but may not know your RSVP count yet. Chances are you’re going to have leftovers. What do you do with yesterday’s yarmulkes, especially when they’re personalized?! We posed the question to our Facebook friends and got some fabulous ideas:

blue colorful pattern of sprinkles

– Decorate them to match your Passover seder theme or other Jewish holidays throughout the year and wear them on those occasions. Or, use them as soft toss Frisbees! (LOL! Lisa Gelber)

– Donate them to Jewish preschools where they can decorate them and use them for their Shabbat observance. (Patti Sherman Covert)

– Bring them to a hospital or Jewish retirement home for their use. (Ruth Zackowitz Hartman)

– Leave several at your synagogue in the kippot bin. When you go to services, you can try to find yours to wear. It’s like a treasure hunt! (Susan Keegan Gioia)

– Save them! Wear them on Shabbat, holidays, etc. Years from now your kids will enjoy passing them on to their kids. (Sandi Warner Rudolph)

– Send them to Israel, Poland… even Jewish summer camps. Find out from your local Jewish Federation where there is a need and send them off. (Tara Alyssa Kornblum)


blue colorful pattern of sprinkles