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5 Ways to Save on your Bar Mitzvah Budget

Budget blues? Help is here! When planning your teen’s bar or bat mitzvah weekend, use these tips to save money.

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Customize Your Package. Vendors can frequently tailor a package to fit your budget. Love a photographer but can’t pay for the big album? Opt for just digital photos and create your own photo book. Love a venue but don’t need the entire ballroom space? See if you can use event space sections and ask for the rental fee to be adjusted accordingly. It never hurts to ask!

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Get Creative with Catering. While food is always a big highlight of the party, you can try creative catering choices to keep costs down. For example, one recent celebration featured a chip bar of familiar brands: Doritos, potato chips and Cheetos. Everyone loved the familiar treats in an unexpected presentation, and the price was far less expensive than other party treats.

Shop Around for Extras. Just because a vendor you’re working with offers an extra item you need, like lounge furniture, bars, tables or chairs, that doesn’t mean you have to get those items there. Know that specialty vendors offer items like starlit dance floors, personalized desserts, and LED furniture at prices that may be better than your decorator, caterer, or venue. Be open to using multiple vendors when appropriate to maximize your budget.

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Deal with It. Did you know that every vendor in the AMC Preferred Vendor Directory has a discount or deal for you to use on b'Mitzvah goods and services? You could save thousands on entertainment, décor and more!

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Double Dip on Décor. Can you use balloon bouquets at your Kiddush luncheon and again at your evening celebration? Will you have flowers at your Shabbat dinner that can be used as centerpieces for Sunday brunch? Reuse some décor and add to it as needed to cut costs.

Track Your Expenses. Most importantly, keep track of your spending so it doesn’t balloon while nobody’s looking! Set up a spreadsheet to total expenses as you go.


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