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Stealing The Good Stuff… from other People’s Parties!

During Bar and Bat Mitzvah Season, your child – and you- will likely be invited to several celebrations. If you’re in planning mode, attending other people’s parties is a great way to find out what you might want for your family’s simcha.

Planning Tools & Tips
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Use a notes app on your smartphone or keep a small pad of paper in your purse to jot notes on the elements you like. This planning “hack” will put you on the fast track to your ideal celebration! Here’s what you should pay attention to:

Invitation. Did the invitation set the tone for the weekend? Did it express the b'Mitzvah kid’s personality well? Did you like the wording? Keep it and bring it to your discussions with invitation vendors.

Music. What songs have everyone on the dance floor? What songs sent all the kids to find alternative activities? While some newer songs will be hot when your celebration comes around, those that got a good response in the year prior to your date should still be popular. Note them for your DJ.

Party Flow.  Did the party start with a bang?  When was the horah?  When was the montage?  When did the parents speak? Keep an eye on whether the sequence of events appeared seamless or chopped up, and think of how you’d do it the same or differently.

Montage. Time the montage on your watch.  Was it too long for you?   Were kids getting restless? Then make yours shorter!

Favors. Did the kids like/keep the favors? Determine if a favor added to the experience and tied in with the theme, or if you think it was unnecessary.

Food. Were the kids going nuts over the dessert offerings? Did the adults at your table rave about a dish? Note them for your caterer discussions.

Décor. Did you love the way the room looked when you walked in? Did lighting/balloons/flowers/signage appeal to your aesthetic? Snap an unobtrusive picture if you can, or note the parts you liked most for future décor discussions.

Play the Most/Least Game. On the way home, ask your Mitzvah kid what he or she liked most and least about the celebration. You may be surprised about what stood out and what didn’t!

You might be thinking, “But I don’t want my son/daughter’s celebration to be just like someone else’s!” It won’t be. Your vendors will work with your family to create a customized event that reflects your child’s style and preferences.

But if you really loved the game the kids and adults played with the DJ at last week’s party, be sure to mention it to your entertainment partner. If your b'Mitzvah kid loved it, you should have it!

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blue colorful pattern of sprinkles