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Bar Mitzvah Trends for 2023

Trends for b'Mitzahs in 2023 are showing up on social media... and we love what we're seeing.

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Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok are great sources for finding unique and on-trend ideas for bar and bat mitzvah celebrations. Whether you're planning a big blowout party or a casual backyard bash, here are some fresh ideas we've been seeing on socials that you might want to make your own.

1. So Social

While some guests love taking home print photos, more and more teens want to go straight to their socials with party images and videos. Explore a 360 degree photo booth or mirror booth that lets family and friends go share their images and videos to TikTok or Insta.

Credit Snap and Fun

2. The 90s Called...

...They want to take over your teen's b'Mitzvah décor! Yup, airbrush sneaks and sweatshirts, neon signs, graffiti, and hip hop are all coming back big time. Consider a custom neon sign (like this great one by Signs by SI) to set the scene at your venue. It can have a second life as bedroom décor after the big weekend!

Credit: Signs by SI

3. Bubble YUM

Trendy treats are all the rage, including edible bubbles! Safe to savor, these flavored spheres filled with air can top fancy cocktails or mocktails, or float on their own. Atlanta vendor Button it Up offers this fun twist on kids' entertainment. Also gaining popularity: ice cream buffets with all cereal toppings for a crunchy/creamy combo and "dragon's breath" munchies - colorful cereal or cheese puffs dipped in flavors and liquid nitrogen. When eaten, they create smoky vapors from the nose and mouth, which gives the snack its name.

Credit Bravo Entertainment

4. Up with Balloons!

The newest décor real estate is over your head, or behind you! Balloon are now expanding their presence well beyond doorway arches into ceiling installations and full scale walls, like this bright white install by Balloons over Atlanta. Use balloons to create unique spaces in any venue.

Credit: Balloons over Atlanta

5. Wheely Great Eats

Food trucks not only provide yummy fare for your celebration, but they also create a unique vibe. Particularly for indoor/outdoor events, they serve as border for your party space and feel so special, especially when they roll up as a late-night treat! For example, The Sprinklenista cart makes a statement before you even take a first bite.

Credit: the Sprinklenista

6. Pie in the Sky

Handheld and personal-sized desserts are still all the rage, but creative new options are on the scene. How about a whole pie for each guest? Make them match your color theme for a decorative boost in the party room.

Credit: Doodlepies

How can you make these trends work for your celebration? An Atlanta Mitzvah Connection creative party planner can help.


blue colorful pattern of sprinkles