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Where Do the Envelopes Go? Creative Bar Mitzvah Card Boxes

Because most guests gift money, your Mitzvah kid will receive a LOT of envelopes! Give friends and family somewhere pretty to place them and accent your party décor at the same time. Check out these Bar/Bat Mitzvah gift box designs for ideas:

Decor Tips
blue colorful pattern of sprinkles

Good Aptitude

An iPhone/iPad lookalike cleverly houses gift gear for a techno-themed party.

apple box

Wicked One

A movie, Broadway or book-themed bash could use the Wicked Witch’s iconic legs to point the way for gift-givers. (box designed by PARTIES! Rare To Well Done, Washington Crossing PA)

wizard box

In Tune

Music-lovers can receive their “notes” in an embellished instrument case.

It's Lit

A glowing LED glass case is a sophisticated collection spot.

(Don’t) Kick this Bucket!

A ball bucket pulls double duty as a gift holder, in keeping with a ball park theme.

baseball box


For more gift box ideas, check out our Out of the Box Mitzvah Card Boxes Pinterest Page!


blue colorful pattern of sprinkles