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7 Things to do While your Bat Mitzvah Kid is at Camp

Your teen may want to be involved in several aspects of her bat mitzvah celebration plans, but you don’t need him or her for everything.

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While your teen is making friends at camp or working at a summer job, check off these seven mitzvah-related tasks. You’ll be glad you did before it’s back-to-school time.

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Order Save-the-Dates

While your teen may want to help select invitations, save-the-date announcements are usually quick and to the point. For a postcard or an electronic announcement, you won’t need input. If you’re eight to 10 months from the simcha and have your basic details set, send away!

Choose Montage Photos

If you haven’t heard, it takes a long time to choose photos of your child to fit into a 10-to-12-minute video presentation. If you plan to create a montage or hire someone to do it, you’ll review hundreds of photos.

This isn’t an easy process. You’ll feel “all the feels” as you see your baby in images that remind you of special places, beloved people and moments shared. You’ll want to do this without your teen around to veto your picks.

Hire a Day-Of Planner

The person who will be in communication with your day-of planner or event manager the most is you. It’s not necessary to have this vendor participate in a chemistry check with your teen.

Hire the person you trust most to ensure that your family’s vision is realized. This person will oversee all vendors, including setup, breakdown and tips; coordinate all logistics; and manage the timeline and any issues that arise over the big weekend.

Secure a Hotel Block

Your teen won’t want to visit hotels to check out amenities and be sure the relatives will be happy. Grab a friend or make appointments through a convention and visitors bureau to tour hotels near your synagogue or party venue and make those reservations.

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Write Bimah Remarks and Welcome Toast

While your teen is spending time out of the house, reflect on her best qualities and commitment to Torah study, as well as what you’d like to say at this milestone. Write your thoughts and save them somewhere your teen won’t easily find them if you share a computer. Also, jot some notes of welcome for your guests to share at your post-service celebration.

Shop for Your Outfits

Of course, you’ll spend time outfitting the entire family for services and the celebration. But while the pace of summer is a bit slower, shop for yourself. With no one rushing you, take time to find outfits for the weekend that make you look and feel great. You want to love what you’re wearing in those keepsake portraits.

Set Up a Surprise

While your teen may have input on the menu, décor and music at the weekend festivities, shouldn’t some things be a surprise? Some parents schedule an unexpected element (flash mob, anyone?) to make the celebration even more meaningful for their son or daughter. If you're interested in going this route, we have plenty of ideas.

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