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Individual Bar Mitzvah Party Foods: Eats and Treats

Creative single servings lessen contact and keep it neat! Check out these ideas for presenting savory and sweet celebration nibbles.

Food and Drink
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1. "This might be Cheesy..." Individual cheese boards make tasting a breeze.

2. Cake in a Cup. Layering cake and frosting in mini-glasses makes a gorgeous "cupcake."

3. Grab 'n Go! Perfect portions of buffet selections make the trip back to the table quick and easy.

4. Sweet Sippers. A cold glass of milk (regular or non-dairy) gets the perfect topper: a cookie lid anchoring the straw. Do it with doughnuts, too!

5. Juicy Fruit. A mini fruit basket is the perfect end of event treat. Easy to eat, carry, and take to-go.

For more nifty noshes, check out our Individual Party Foods Pinterest Board!


blue colorful pattern of sprinkles