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Parents Wish They Knew This Before the Bar Mitzvah Weekend

If you're worried about what you might be forgetting in your bar mitzvah plans, we've got your covered. Here are the top things b'mitzvah parents said they wish they knew before the big weekend.

Planning Tools & Tips
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1.    The focus is the bar or bat mitzvah. That’s it.

The weekend is all about your teen doing something really meaningful, upholding traditions, and sharing what they’ve learned about their faith. Keep that at the forefront of the festivities, and don’t let little annoyances bother you.


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2.    Your friends really DO want to help.

If they offer, say yes!. Even if you have an event planner, you could still use a little help from your friends over the weekend. Not sure what to ask them to do? Here are some ideas.


3.    A venue planner isn’t YOUR planner.

Yes, that nice person who is helping you with your party will be there. But they’re focused on the operations of the venue. They’re not going to manage the photographer, get you and your spouse your fave cocktails when the party starts, or ensure the right order of hora, montage, and balloon drop. You need a party planner or day-of coordinator if you just want to enjoy and leave the details to a pro.


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4.    You need cash.

We are so reliant on credit cards and $ apps these days, it’s easy to forget that you’ll want cash for tipping most of your vendors. Use our tipping guide to figure out how much you should bring for each type of pro you’ve hired, and make envelopes ahead of time so you’re not worrying about loose bills in a pocket or purse.



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5.    Challah may not be included.


Every venue is different, so you should ask and then confirm about what is part of your package. Never assume the caterer is supplying linens or that the venue is supplying challah.



6.    Forgetting something is avoidable.

You won’t want to send someone running home or to the store to get something when they should be posing for photos! Use our time-tested list to round up all the essentials you need for the photo session, service, and party. Then you can relax, kvell, and enjoy!!!


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7.    You want ALLLL the photos.

Maybe after too many years to count you’ll have everyone important to your family together. Make a list of must-have photos (think grandparents, preschool buddies, your kid’s sports team, and cousins from across the globe) in the groups you want. Your pro photographer will make sure to capture all those beloved faces. Don’t worry about how long it is; better to have too many photos to choose from than miss out on an important guest.



Want to make sure you're totally buttoned up for the bar mitzvah weekend? Chat with a talented and experienced planner.


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