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We're thrilled that you'll be exhibiting at the Bar & Bat Mitzvah Expo!
Below, you'll choose your booth size, select marketing upgrades, and share your Expo Special deal. You can also register for more than one show, at a discounted price.

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Single Booth


- 8x10 booth

-6 ft table and linens

Premium Single Booth


-Upgraded to 10×10 booth

-Premium Placement & New Main Stage Access
-6 ft table and linens

Double Booth


-16×10 booth

-2 6ft tables and linens

Premium Double Booth


-Upgraded to 20×10 booth

-Premium Placement & New Main Stage Access
-2 6ft tables and linens

* All booths include a 6-month Vendor Directory page and the full leads list

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NEW! Your Celebration Central Card Deal Required

Each family receives a "Celebration Central" Card with exciting vendor deals. Create a special offer- it can be a discount, an upgrade, an add-on, etc. Specials will be promoted at the show and in advance to encourage people to come see you! The card's deals will be valid for 60 days after the show.

Examples: $200 off our packages! $350 in upgrades if you schedule a tour! $100 off with booked consult!

Ultimate Mitzvah Giveaway

The Ultimate Mitzvah Giveaway allows attendees to PICK the prize they most want to win for their bar or bat mitzvah! It's a huge highlight of the show! Vendors can offer one BIG prize to one family (with a value greater than $300) and enjoy added promotional efforts both before and during the Expo!
What should your giveaway, discount or upgrade be? Here are some examples of what some vendors are doing: $500 off décor package, a free photo sign-in book, free venue rental, 50% off a DJ package.

Social Media Giveaways

Want an additional opportunity to get promoted prior to the show with a giveaway on Instagram? Must be a prize and not a discount. (Right: Free one-night hotel stay. Wrong: 15% off booking.)

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