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Idea of the Day

Beyond inspiration... visit this page daily for fresh Mitzvah food, style, and celebration tips!


Showstopping Mocktails

Make kids' drinks as unique and special as adult versions! Infuse mocktails with personality, flavor, and maybe even floating gummies.


Killer kicks

Looking for a fresh alternative to bedazzling? Paint or airbrush the bat mitzvah's name, logo, or décor design on plain white shoes to make a bold statement.


Edible Drink Toppers

Float a custom, flavorless, allergen-free disc on top of cocktails and mocktails for a perfect presentation!


Clever Cash Gifting

Bring those Benjamins in style, with cool packaging to make your gift stand out.


Challah at Me

Funfetti, oreos, frosting, and other sweet toppings take heavenly challah to new heights!


Social Distancing Style

Portioned mini-desserts, single-serve condiments, and friendly reminders keep guests celebrating safely!

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