Bar mitzvah invitations give the necessary info about the big day (of course) but they also get guests excited, set a tone, convey a theme, and even serve as keepsakes! To find out what’s trending RIGHT NOW, we asked two Atlanta invitation experts for a peek inside the envelope.


Environmentally friendly papers are hot, according to David Midler of EventPrints. Natural color tones on papers with recycled content are proving popular, as are silver or latte pearlized papers which have a light-reflecting sheen to make any color palette look lively.
Robin Zusmann of Paper Matters is seeing shine growing in popularity as well, especially with laminated papers. Texture is also becoming an important attribute in selections, including those made from 100% cotton, and in effects achieved by layering traditional stock over more interesting papers. For girls, Zusmann says, bling is a big thing, with Swarovski crystals in a multitude of colors as a go-to choice for sparkle beyond basic glitter.


Paper Matters (PM): Boys are getting brighter… in colors, that is! While dark shades used to rule the bar mitzvah design landscape, more fun colors are popping up for accents. (Think orange or lime green accompanying a traditional navy.) Girls are getting the blues more frequently, passing on pale pinks in favor of Tiffany blue, aqua, and turquoise. Bold color combos make a statement, and digital printing allows us to “paint” with a broader palette.

EventPrints (EP): Modern designs with a classic spin are what families are looking for. Our contemporary color palette keeps pace with this trend. We’re focusing on colors like hot pink, turquoise and purples for girls, and, for boys, adding earth tones to complement classic primary colors. We have no limits on the number of colors you can use in one invitation with digital printing.

Shapes and Sizes

EP: Invitation shape (and therefore the envelope it travels in) immediately conveys a celebratory event. For this reason, square continues to be popular. Rounded corners and die cut edges are on the rise as ways to add distinctive flair without the high cost of die cutting.

PM: Custom rounded or scalloped edges are requested often, but designs in unusual shapes – like a Mitzvah kid’s first initial – are gaining ground. Acrylic 3D invitations make a bold statement, and serve as a memento. Laser cutting is becoming more popular as it can be used on any type of invitation. Another newly popular option is the board invitation, made from multiple paper layers bonded together to create thickness, with painted edging.


PM: The majority of families still do paper RSVPS, especially since out-of-town family members like the ease of returning an envelope with a check inside. QR codes are becoming more prominent as families develop informational websites, but RSVPS are still returned via mail, even if they are just postcards.

EP: Online RSVPs are still rare because not many mature guests are comfortable with completing a digital response. Also, this is a formal event and, like a written thank you note, the written RSVP is still considered the only appropriate option for replying.

What’s Unique about What You’re Doing?

EventPrints: We are the store, designer and printer, so we offer an enormous amount of flexibility in what clients can do. Our designs reflect the latest trends and are easy to customize, and we can mix and match elements and change colors without added costs. We’re even doing large format printing so that families can add a coordinated dance floor graphic, sign in boards and photo enlargements for décor when they order invitations!

What’s Unique about What You’re Doing?

Paper Matters: We’re doing new things with tone on tone color on party cards, which look so unique. Since logos are so “in”, we’re doing subtle touches with them, like custom-printed envelope liners to reinforce a theme but keep it from being too overwhelming. Digital printing gives so many more options in color choices for ink. The sky’s the limit! We’ll also create seating cards, 3D items, digitally printed cocktail napkins, save the dates…If you have an idea, we can make it happen!



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