The relatives have gone home, the leftovers are in the fridge and your Mitzvah kid is happily Instagramming about the big mitzvah weekend. If you’re like many parents, you’ll be feeling the post-simcha let down. Not to worry! There are still more things for you to do related to the bar mitzvah, believe it or not!

Reach Out to Your Vendors

If you picked any vendors from the Atlanta Mitzvah Connection Preferred Vendor Directory, then we know they rocked! Reach out to tell them so. A simple email is fine, or, if you’re feeling more ambitious you can send a handwritten note. Vendors love to know that you appreciated their talent and skill.

Rebook Your Faves

Do you have a next bat mitzvah to plan in one to three years? Snag those favorite vendors immediately so they don’t get booked by someone else for your next date! They won’t think you’re crazy. Vendors view that as the highest compliment that you’d want to use them again, and the sooner they reserve your weekend on their calendars, the better.

Get Your Teen Started on Thank Yous

The dreaded writing of the thank you notes doesn’t have to be that horrible. Have your teen use our thank you note guide and they’ll be done before they know it!

Choose Your Photos

Depending on your photographer’s process, you may have photos to look at within a week or two of the simcha! Going through them is going to take some time, so block off some hours to relive the magic and select images for your album.

Treat Yourself

You did it! Putting together such a wonderful weekend for your teen was no small feat. And when you’ve been living in Mitzvah land for weeks prior, reentry into regular life is hard. Ease yourself in with a treat for all the work and effort. Book a pedi or massage, buy a great read, plan dinner out with friends. And, most of all, catch up on sleep!

Recap for Others

What worked fabulously? What would you do differently next time? Let fellow Mitzvah parents drool over your menu and gorgeous décor by recapping the Mitzvah celebration for AMC readers! Email if you’d like us to feature your family’s simcha on the site!


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