Do you really need a day-of Bar Mitzvah manager? That question often gets asked, and the answer truly is: How much do YOU want to do on the big day?

Do you really need a day-of Bar Mitzvah manager? That question often gets asked, and the answer truly is: How much do YOU want to do on the big day?  Remember that hosting a big event includes keeping track of many details, and last minute problems require quick solutions.  If you like the idea of having someone else on duty so you can wholeheartedly party, you should strongly consider engaging a day-of event manager. No, asking a friend to handle the “little things” that may come up won’t be an easy fix. These friends are invited guests, and they may forget about these responsibilities once the party starts. That’s to be expected – they should enjoy the celebration, too!

“Day-of” is a bit of a misnomer, because the day-of event manager’s work starts a few months before your simcha. The manager will review all your contracts to ensure you get exactly what you are expecting, talk to your vendors to review the event timeline, set-up and expectations, and serve as point of vendor contact immediately prior to the weekend.

On the big day, the manager will coordinate logistics of your party, making sure the room set-up goes according to plan. She also serves as on-site contact for you and for all vendors to make sure the timeline goes smoothly – entrance to Hora to last dance – and to deal with any issues that might arise.

At the end of the celebration, she will settle any final vendor payments, distribute tips to venue staff and vendors, pack up your family’s gifts and belongings, and oversee vendor breakdown.

If you need planning help far before this point – to assist with choosing vendors, touring venues and staying on budget and timeline – consider a party consulting package.

If you’re farther along in the planning, and think a day-of event manager might be just what you need, reach out to any of Atlanta Party Connection’s preferred day-of team members (their contact info is in their profiles) to find out how they can make your party completely stress-free!

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