Where in the World is Your Mitzvah Party?

Whether your family loves to travel the world, or has one favorite destination your Bar/Bat Mitzvah kid loves to visit, a travel-themed party can take your guests on a mini-vacay at whatever venue you choose! Get inspired with some globe-hopping décor ideas:

Take Them Away. Transform party space into a favorite city, beach town or attraction to put guests in a vacay state of mind. 

Drink in the Atmosphere. Turn the bar into a hot spot for embarking on adventure.

travel3The BatMitzvahhood of the Traveling Cake. Mixing elements of beloved vacation spots in one delicious cake creates an edible travelogue.

Seat Assignments. Help guests can find their places with decorative luggage tags or boarding passes.

In Flight Snacks. Packaging treats to go make them travel-icious.

travel4Think Global. Global lanterns lit from inside make for worldly centerpieces.

travel5X Marks Your Name. A map-based sign-in board becomes a wall-worthy keepsake.

For more travel celebration inspiration, check out our Pinterest Travel Themed Board!


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