Tasty Themes: Mitzvah Menus Make the Party

The spotlight is on your Mitzvah kid… and the food! Seriously, what you serve guests will be a hot topic as friends and family munch their way through the Mitzvah celebration. Why not use edibles to underscore your party theme? We gathered some inspiration for on-trend themed Mitzvah menus:

Literary Love. Whether your fandom is Potter or Percy, nibbles can leap from book to buffet table.

menus hp

Dig in to Destinations. Transport guests to Paris, NYC, or around the world with a travel-inspired menu.

menu italian

Chews Color. If color is the primary theme, an assortment of foods in your chosen shade makes a striking tablescape.

menu blue

Take ‘Em out to the Ballgame. Ballers and tailgaters can show their passion on a plate. All sports have their own flavor!

menus hot dog

Breakfast Buffet. A favorite food (or foods) can influence a menu makeover. Why not breakfast for lunch, dinner, or midnight dancing snacks?

menu breakfast

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