Stealing The Good Stuff… from other people’s parties!

What can you do at other Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties to help make your event spectacular? Keep a notepad in your purse for these secret notes!

1. Pay attention to the songs – What songs have everyone on the dance floor? What songs send all the kids running away?
2. The flow of the party – Did the party start with a bang?  When was the hora?  When was the montage?  When did the parents speak?
3. Montage – Time the montage on your watch.  Was it too long for you?  Then make yours shorter!
4. Ask your kids questions – What did they like? Did they even notice some of things that you thought were important for them?
5. Keep invitations – Save the ones you like and the ones you don’t.  Look at the wording too.
6. Brainstorm the things you liked with your spouse on the ride home – chances are, he may only remember the bar, and not the amazing centerpieces, but you should both share your opinions to make your party GREAT!

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