So Many Vendors! Vendor Tips…

Ok – yes, there are a lot of vendors involved in planning your party – venues, caterers, decorators, photographers, DJs, videographers, montage creators, invitations, photo extras, favors, and more…

1. Keep all your notes in one place.  Notes from phone calls, emails and face to face meetings should stay together.
2. Summarize your expectations before the big event.  Even if you are sure they know what to do, write it all down.
3. Create a vendor chart with every vendor’s contact info.  It’s easy access if you need it during the planning process and just in case you need it on the day of the party (hopefully not!)
4. Keep up with how much you have paid each vendor so you know what’s left to pay before or at the event.
5. Touch base with every vendor in the last weeks before the big day.  You should send your expectation notes, the venue address (just in case!!) and just let them know how excited you are to have them at your celebration

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