Sending a save the date card for a Bar Mitzvah may seem a little much to some, but there are good reasons to send those calendar alerts early. Here are 5 to consider:

  •  Inviting Out-of-Towners. If your Mitzvah guest list includes several family members or friends out of town, you’ll want to give them time to book travel and reserve hotel rooms. It’s considerate to share any transportation and accommodations arrangements you’ve made as early as possible.
  • Date Overlaps with a Holiday or School Break. People plan vacations WAY in advance for designated holidays/school breaks so sharing info about your simcha gives even local guests a chance to incorporate it into vacay itineraries.
  • Date May Conflict with Other Friends’ Dates. There’s a chance that your Mitzvah kid’s date may be the same as another kid in their circle of friends, which may go well beyond your synagogue (Jewish campers love to attend friends’ Mitzvah celebrations!) Giving an early heads to local and far away friends can ensure teens calendar the event even before the official invite comes.
  • Requesting Involvement. Does your Mitzvah kid’s service project require support of others? Are there unique details about your Mitzvah weekend that guests need to know about ahead of time (like a camp-based Bar Mitzvah where guests sign up for activities in advance)? A save the date can direct guests to a Mitzvah project or weekend overview website.
  • Build Excitement! OK, this isn’t a strategic reason, but it’s fun to start the chatter about your family’s simcha early, and it’s a great way to show off your Mitzvah kid’s personality if the formal invitation will be more, well, formal.

Remember, save the dates can be cards, postcards, electronic messages, videos or anything that shares the necessary info early – we’re talking 6-9 months before the big day.


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