Guestlist complete? Check. Now you need the right sized venue, one that will comfortably hold all your nearest and dearest, while being spacious enough for an entertainment stage, activities and decorations.

Consider the space you need, because it’s for more than your guests! Do you want a big or small dance floor? Will you need a green screen set-up area? Are you having a buffet or food stations? Will you have a kids’ bar area? Do you want lounge seating?

The experienced event planning staff of Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta provided us with general guidelines for how many square feet are needed for guest counts of 100 to 300 people. The table above shows the estimated square footage for guests based on a layout of round tables (10 guests at each) and a 21 x 21 dance floor (with room for buffets, bars, and more).

Remember, each space is unique, and beyond sheer size, the shape of a room is a big factor, too!

Need help choosing a venue? Contact an experienced planner to get help touring and evaluating event spaces.