As you plan your child’s big day, do you think it’ll be very different from yours? This year marks Let’s Celebrate’s 25th anniversary, so we asked Founder/VP Denise Rindsberg and President Amy Nichols – both event design experts and veterans of hundreds of simchas – to share how Mitzvah celebrations have changed over the decades and some of their favorite event themes. 

What is different about a Mitzvah celebration today vs. 25 years ago?

People used to love hosting at hotels in ballrooms, but now there is a movement toward special events facilities that you can completely theme, or active attractions like bowling alleys, rock climbing gyms. Everyone is going outside the box on venues, and the dress and décor style follows.

Parents are much more hands on today, prepared with their own ideas or images they found online, particularly on sites like APC on Pinterest, which is a great resource for finding what you like!

The lounge trend had a great impact on event design, giving teens their own space instead of having the same look and feel as the adult area. LED technology has changed the industry completely. It’s a game changer! You can do so much more with lighting now, making it a completely different décor element than it was years ago.

Centerpieces are still in vogue, but there is much more variety in what you can do, and how you might change them up table to table. But everything is cyclical. Balloons went “out” but then became “in” again in a more sophisticated way. Florals are now more popular in unique arrangements and usage than the basic vase bouquet. They have come back in a big way!

What are some of the most memorable event designs you’ve done?

We did a street graffiti theme for which we built tables and props and contracted a graffiti artist to design them all. It had a big impact! We did an incredibly unique bar mitzvah one Halloween weekend for which the family wanted to incorporate the holiday, but with no orange or pumpkins, and also including their teen’s love of baseball. After lots of brainstorming, we hit upon a haunted baseball stadium theme, which they adored! We brought baseball equipment in to a hotel ballroom and made it look old and abandoned, used glowing bats in the body of baseballs and created large scale player silhouettes. It was sophisticated but spooky!

A client wanted a Hawaiian luau in their backyard and we completely transformed the space with a thatched roof candy buffet, tiki bar, pier pilings, colorful linens and a dock that people walked across to enter the party. The guests felt completely transported!

And we recently turned an art gallery’s interior into the look of an outdoor street market, with varied colorful booths and picnic tables with patio umbrellas. We created stations that reflected the food to be served there: Southern, Asian, etc. You felt like you were at Ponce City Market or an ethnic street fair. There’s really nothing you can’t do!

From Shelly:

Although themes may evolve, the basics of a Mitzvah celebration are consistent: family introductions, the horah, great food, and acknowledging special family and friends. The twist is how you infuse them with your Mitzvah kid’s individual style. Read about the most current trends I’m seeing at this year’s parties. If you’re ready to begin designing your celebration, reach out to one of the talented décor experts in the APC Preferred Vendor Directory!

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Atlanta Mitzvah Connection is the premier Bar and Bat Mitzvah resource in the metro area, guiding families through the planning process to create their ideal Mitzvah celebrations. Visit the Preferred Vendor Directory for top vendors in every category, and unlock exclusive deals and discounts on catering, décor, entertainment and more! For a one-stop-shopping Mitzvah planning experience, attend the Bar & Bat Mitzvah EXPO presented by Atlanta Party Connection. For wedding planning resources, tips and inspiration, visit Atlanta Party Connection’s Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta website.