Parents often ask how long things should take and when they should do things for their children’s bar or bat mitzvah. To help, I’ve put together a rundown of how long some of these important moments should take, and when others should be done for easy reference.

Kiddush Luncheon About an hour

Celebration 4 hours

Celebration Welcome by Parents/Hamotzi 3-4 minutes

Hora 10 minutes on average

Video Montage 9-12 minutes 

Parent-Child Dance About 1 minute, then others get invited to dance floor!

When to Send Save the Dates 6-9 months out from date

When to Order Invitations 3-4 months out from date

When to Send Invitations 8 weeks out from date

When to Alter Kid Clothes Not more than a month before; they’re growing constantly!

Vendor Timelines

While every vendor works differently, you can get a general idea of when your contracted vendor should be “cooking” or getting in touch and planning your bar mitzvah* below.


Anytime you’ve decided
4-6 months before event
2 years out
3 months before event
1-2 years out
6 months before event
2 years out
2-3 months before event
1-2 years out
3-6 months before event
Photo Montage Producer
1-2 years out
3 months before event
Photo Booth/Green Screen/ Party Artist
1-2 years out
2 months before event
1-2 years out
1 month before event
Anytime you’ve decided
1 month before event
*Based on responses from AMC preferred vendors