Mitzvah Manners For Teens

Good guest behavior is a must for the Mitzvah circuit.

If your teen is on the bar and bat mitzvah circuit, or about to be, he or she will likely attend some parties without you. Teach the rules for good guest behavior to ensure everyone has a good time.

Attend the Service

This may seem like a no-brainer. But with jam-packed weekends and tons of activities, some teens think it’s okay to skip the Torah service but go to the party anyway. In general, you shouldn’t attend the party if you can’t make the service. Exceptions can be made in certain situations and when you know the bar mitzvah family well enough to explain the situation.

Bring Your Manners

Please and thank you never go out of style! Saying them to everyone you encounter is the right thing to do. Everyone should be treated respectfully, whether they are the guest of honor’s relative or the person serving soda. And remember to thank your hosts before you leave and wish the guest of honor mazel tov!



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Dress for the Occasion

Read the invitation details to find out the dress code for the celebration. Don’t wear jeans and sneakers if the party is formal.

Pocket the Phone

You go to a party to celebrate the guest of honor, right?? Checking social media and texting buddies can be done on the way to or from the celebration. Be in the moment and try the entertainment and experiences offered to you. A lot of planning went into this event, and your hosts don’t want guests gaming on their phones instead of joining the fun.


Stay in the Area

Some venues have security to make sure guests don’t wander outside or too far away from the party. Others may not. For your safety, and to not be rude, don’t leave the celebration area, or camp out in the bathrooms or lobby.

Share with Others

The green screen props may be awesome, but don’t monopolize the photo station by taking pic after pic with different friends. Remember that others want to experience it, too. The same goes for edible treats, dance floor tchotchkes and party favors. Take just enough for you and leave the rest for other guests.

Guest of Honor Rules!

If you’re in line for food or photos and the guest of honor comes to stand behind you, let him go first! He’ll be stopped everywhere he goes by well-wishers and relatives, so when he finally gets to have a bite or enjoy the entertainment, let him jump the line.

Follow the Golden Rule

The golden oldie still applies. Think of how you’d like your friends to behave at your party, and act that way. This will also ensure you get invited to more!