Lessons Learned from my son’s Bar Mitzvah



Just this past weekend, my family celebrated my son’s Bar Mitzvah.What an amazing weekend. Thinking back, here are a few of my thoughts……

1.  Make it personal – For me, it was having pictures displayed all weekend long of Ryan playing baseball or having the DJ make Ryan the center of attention all night.

2.  Include your kid in the planning – Some kids want to be more involved than others – but my son had great opinions about things he cared about like his green screen backgrounds, the kids food or what songs he wanted played at the party.

3.  Be amazed – My son blew us away at the service. Not that I didn’t think he could do it – but all of sudden, he got up there, stood up there so proud of himself and ran that service like the Rabbi! And he is still so proud of what he did.

4.  Check out the kids – It’s a great feeling to look at your child and all of their friends having fun together as the celebrate him/her! Whether it’s doing a dance you have never seen before on the stage or slow dancing with a girl – it’s a great sight to see!

5.  Take it all in – It goes so fast – and this tip is almost impossible, but TRY!

6.  Appreciate your guests – Even though you never get to spend as much time with them as you would like – let them know how much you appreciate them being there and take a minute to look around and see all the people there for you and your family.

7.  Don’t sweat the small stuff – This is my motto all the time, but especially this weekend. Something will go wrong. Starting with an error I made on the RSVP card to my wrong phone # on the hospitality letter (I must really need a proof-reader!), to a last minute issue with my favors, things will go wrong. Let it go. Figure out how to get past it and enjoy all the good stuff.

8.  Let the professionals do their jobs and show your appreciation after the event (ok maybe that’s actually a planner tip – but I was so excited to share all the things I loved with the vendors immediately after the event – and they love to hear it!) On Sunday morning I sent this message to my vendors with some of my favorite parts: What an incredible weekend. Our guests were treated like royalty at the hotel, our kiddush was wonderful and people were talking all night about the party’s amazing decor, the incredible food, the unbelievable video entrance, the speedy green screen, the best montage, the photographer that was everywhere and the fantastic dj/mc and dancers that kept the party going all night long!! Love you guys. Still can’t feel my feet.

9.  Relive the memories – Even after it’s over – it is so fun to rehash every little detail of the weekend with your family and talk about your favorite parts.

10.  Don’t worry about trying so hard to be different – Just do what you and your family like.  My party was at a popular mitzvah venue with a popular theme, a popular DJ and a popular green screen – pretty common stuff – but it didn’t matter – it was the party we wanted and we were able to do little things to make it our own, make it memorable and make it a PARTY AND A WEEKEND WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

Have a party you would like to highlight or have tips to share? Need help planning your mitzvah or want vendor advice?
Let me know!

Happy Planning!


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