Is It Musical Chairs – or the Seating Chart?

Finding the perfect seat for all of your guests is tough.  It’s like a giant puzzle you are trying to put together.  Making your friends happy, finding the spot for that random cousin, pleasing your parents or handling your divorced best friends is enough to make you crazy, but take a breath – it will all work out – and remember – they are not sitting all night!  Here are couple tips to consider:

  • Think about your layout – are the important people close to you?
  • Place younger adults closer to the dance floor and older guests far away from the speakers.
  • Find out what size tables you have to work with – are you working with tables of 8 or 10? (Note that a table of 8 can hold 10, but it will be tight; same with a table of 10-12)
  • Remember that you don’t need to have a seat for every kid- many parties now do a combination of high tops, some round tables and some lounge furniture for the teens.
  • If you have a group of younger cousins, assign a table to them in the kids area so they have an actual seat, but feel like they are with the ‘cool kids’.

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