Tips for Seating Your Bar Mitzvah Guests

Finding the perfect seat for all your guests at the bar mitzvah party is tough! It’s like putting together a giant puzzle that will result in great vibes and a fun atmosphere.  But making your friends happy, finding the spot for that random cousin, pleasing your parents or dealing with your divorced best friends is enough to make you crazy. Take a breath and use these tips:

Kids Lounges Rock

Few parties feature assigned seating for kids anymore. Teens rarely sit for long, and you want them on the dance floor or enjoying the other entertainment! A lounge set up allows for plenty of flexibility. Consider couches or ottomans for chilling and café-style stools and high tables for eating. If you’re concerned about places for kid guests to stash their stuff, think about creating cubbies or one “stuff” table to park their purses and pics. Give the younger cousins access to the teen lounge, or a special table adjacent to it, so they feel like they are with the “cool kids.”

Table Size Matters

What size tables are you working with? Can you use a mix?  You can likely squeeze a couple more guests at an 8-top or a 10-top, but it will be tight. Allow your table sizes to create your clusters but be open to switching up the size for certain people who must be together.

Ripple out from Dance Floor and You

Place the younger adults closer to the dance floor and the older guests farther away from the speakers. Those who will likely just sit and chat instead of dance should be farther from this space as well. Put your most important family and friends close to you, either at your table or the next few. 

No one Has to be #1 

If you’re concerned about comparisons of table numbers, don’t use them! Allow your celebration theme to inspire creativity in table names that can be anything from sports teams to Broadway shows to simply colors!

Consider Non-Assigned for Informal Gatherings

As Mitzvah celebration get more informal, so do seating plans. If you’re hosting a casual affair, there’s often no need for assigned seating. Offering a mixture of tables, banquettes or couches lets your guests mingle freely and sit in different places during the event.

Post-Its Are Your BFF

Once you’ve gotten your RSVPs and decided on your table sizes and overall room layout, it’s time to build the seating chart! While several software programs can help you develop it online, many Mitzvah parents report that the post-it method works well for them. Print your room layout as large as possible and assign a post-it to each adult guest. Then place them, and re-place them, and do it some more… You’ll eventually find a spot for everyone, even the ones who RSVP the day before (haha!) 

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