Get Organized!

If you can get organized, you are ahead of game! Here are a few tips to make that happen…

1. Have a binder and keep ALL of your mitzvah materials in one place.  (I provide a binder with instructions for each vendor in my Party Consulting package)
2. Input all of your guests into a database.  Check out this cool database program to keep up with guest lists, table assignments, rsvp’s, gifts, etc.
3. Start early and don’t leave things for the last month/week/day!
4. Make a clothing chart (don’t laugh) to keep up with your family’s wardrobe for the weekend.  Don’t forget belts, socks, hairbows, jewelry, etc.
5. Keep your to-do list with you (perhaps you’ll have time in the carpool line to make a phone call and cross something off your list).  Need to download a mitzvah party to-do list?  Here you go!
6.  Pay attention at other bar/bat mitzvah parties you are going to – here’s what to look for.
6. Need some vendor advice?  Contact me and let me know how I can help you.

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