first things first imageThis is IT! The time has come to par-tay after Your Mitzvah kid did a marvelous job on the bima and now it’s time to par-TAY! Before guests arrive, take care of these important tasks so you can fully enjoy the celebration!

  • Of course you’ll take a family photo with your photographer, but also grab a family shot in your photo booth or in front of your green screen so you don’t have to drag your kids away during the party AND….you have an immediate image to share on social media (in general, pro photos take a few weeks to view.)

  • Check the header, backgrounds or tags on your green screen/ photo booth prints are exactly what you expected and all spellings are correct.

  • Greet your vendors. Remind them of any special arrangements or expectations, and share copies of the seating arrangement/song list/etc. that you packed in your Survival Kit!

  • Put in your drink order with your event manager or bartender. Get your fave cocktail right away so you can greet guests rather than waiting at the bar.

  • Taste something! Grab a bite before you need your mouth free to chat with guests.

  • Look around!  Many parents say after the party they regretted not checking out everything they worked so long and hard to choose. Peek at the kids’ area, the centerpieces, the lighting, the buffets, etc. and appreciate how everything has come together!