Final Weekend List – What am I forgetting?

It’s almost the big day and you have piles everywhere. Ask yourself – what am I forgetting???

What To Bring to Services:

  • Kippahs & Tallit (for both child and father)
  • Child’s Service materials and Speech
  • Parent’s Speech
  • Programs for guests (if applicable)
  • Tissues

What To Bring To Your Party:

  • Place Cards
  • Copy of Seating Arrangement
  • Favors and/or Socks (if applicable)
  • Extra copy of montage DVD
  • Speeches
  • Pens for sign-in book/board
  • List of photos for photographer
  • Challah (if not provided by caterer)
  • Cash for Tips (bartender, valet, DJ, etc)
  • Checks for vendors still awaiting payment
  • Phone Numbers of all your vendors
  • Your dancing shoes

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