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Missed the Winter 2015 Bar & Bat Mitzvah EXPO?  Keep reading below for hot tips from the EXPO attendees and vendors.  AND, If want to fast forward your party planning, check out my party consulting services.  I can customize a package just for you.

1. Flip Food Expectations.
Bright slushies, colorful cotton candy, and red velvet twinkies got teens excited about party food. Set a festive mood with the menu and serve something different to give your Mitzvah unique flavor!

2. Entertain with Extras.
Airbrush tattoos, caricatures, prop photos and more speciality entertainment give guests more options during your party. Did you know you can make take-home favors out of green screen photos? Or get airbrush tattoos to match your theme?

3. Go Social.
Sharing your cool finds and getting feedback from friends makes planning more exciting! Attendees who came in groups or reconnected with old friends at the EXPO had a blast while checking out options, and others shared pics of fresh ideas with friends and relatives at home.

4. Keep an Open Mind.
Many parents knew exactly what they were looking for at EXPO and then… WOW! they saw something different that would be ideal for their child’s party. Stay open to additional ideas – we had over 20 new vendors this EXPO since our last one, just three months ago!

5. Make it Official. Several parents who made Mitzvah matches this weekend already sealed the deals with their chosen vendors! It’s smart to move swiftly when you’re sure, since many book quickly. Still thinking about a vendor? Let them know so they can call you first if another family wants your date. Looking for vendors now? Check out our vendor directory here.

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