In 2018, bigger skirts with pockets, sparkly fabrics, metallic colors and jewel tones are on trend for Mitzvah dresses, says Natalie Albright of RSVP Prom and Pageant, an AMC Preferred Vendor. At RSVP’s two Atlanta locations, new looks are coming in, and teens are excited about what they’re seeing.

Bat Mitzvah girls are looking for shorter, poufier skirts for their parties, and the skirts will get fuller and more layered going in to fall and winter. For fabrics, tulle and beads are on-trend. While some manufacturers are making more tea length and longer skirted dresses, Mitzvah girls who love one of these styles for its bodice or neckline will frequently it shortened for more dancing freedom and for a more youthful skirt length.

Halter style necklines are popular with Mitzvah teens because they come up high enough on the chest to make them easy and supportive to dance in, without having to add straps or restrain movement. For those who still want the strapless look and to feel free on the dance floor, RSVP carries a body adhesive that keeps dress parts gently affixed to the skin.  No wardrobe malfunctions! 

Two-piece dress styles continue to be popular, with plenty of variation in how much midriff is exposed. For teens (or moms) who are concerned about how much skin is showing, two-piece dresses can be attached to meet in the middle. In the warmer months, we’re seeing more patterned fabrics with floral motifs. Sequins and sparkles are making a major comeback and, as the weather turns cooler, dress details become fancier and more ornate. 

Skirt pockets are here to stay!” Natalie said. Many dress manufacturers are including pockets in all styles because girls love them for holding small personal items, their smartphones, or just as a place to comfortably put their hands. 

The most popular color of the year is gold, according to Natalie. We’ll see it all year, and in fall/winter, it’ll be accompanied by jewel tones like sapphire, emerald and ruby/wine. And while previous years saw more back of the dress detail, this year’s styles bring the focus to the front with detailing on the bodice and neckline. In accessories, earrings remain a must-have, and  choker necklaces are quickly gaining in popularity as many dresses now come with dainty, matching ones. For footwear, blingy flats and sparkly boots are pulling ahead of party heels for teens. They can match and accentuate the details of a dress while being great fun to dance in. 

The best time to shop for a 2018 Bat Mitzvah dress is in the spring, when homecoming and prom styles are stocked in abundance, says Natalie. Going before summer ensures you’ll have the best selection of the year. 





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