No, you can’t eat it, but you need to “sandwich” your Bar Mitzvah. Here’s the truth: you’re focused on the BIG event, the Saturday morning Shabbat service and the celebration to follow. But it’s likely you’ll be hosting out-of-town guests and so a full WEEKEND of events should be on the menu. Here’s some food for thought:


Whether or not you are attending services that evening, you may choose to plan a Shabbat dinner for extended and visiting family. Consider these factors:

  • Hosting at home is convenient but consider whether that feels like an easy solution, or added stress. Will you cook, or hire a caterer? You could also hold Shabbat dinner at your synagogue (check early to see if the room will be available prior to or after services.)
  • Choosing a restaurant? Find out if private dining is available and whether you can establish a set menu.
  • Make sure your dinner timeframe allows for reaching synagogue through Friday evening traffic.


When you hold your service dictates when you can schedule a celebration. If your service is held in the morning, a Kiddush luncheon in the afternoon, and a celebration follows that evening, the whole day is covered. But if your schedule shapes up differently, think about the following:

  • If your celebration takes place in the afternoon, what will you do with out-of-town guests that evening? Think about venues for group dinner or an activity (like a sporting event) to keep the festive feelings going.
  • If your bar mitzvah is a Havdalah service, plan for the early part of the day to get out-of-town guests connected and socializing. Perhaps a “family reunion” luncheon or a casual meet up can be planned at the hotel where most guests are staying.


Whew, you’ve made it! Remember to send your visiting guests off in style with a farewell brunch or luncheon.

  • Choose a venue on the way to the airport, or host at your home or the hotel where most guests are staying.
  • Repurpose Saturday celebration decorations to outfit the Sunday gathering.
  • Be sure to thank everyone for coming from far and wide to celebrate with your family!

And lastly, for any of these sandwich events, think about whether you’ll want photography or videography at these smaller family-focused meals or outings. Need help planning the weekend? Reach out to one of our preferred party planners for smooth sailing the whole weekend. 


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