Center Stage: Six Centerpiece Picks for the Middle of the Table

Perhaps no other décor element makes as big of an impact as your celebration centerpieces. After all, every table has one, and everyone spends time sitting around it. Here are some of our current picks for creative centerpieces:

centerpiece1Fine Feathered Friend.  Plumes of varying colors create a rainbow of color and texture.

centerpiece3Havin’ a Ball. Balloons of differing sizes light up the night.

centerpiece5Leave ‘Em Dangling.  Glass beads hang from a shelf of flowers in a crystal cascade.

centerpiece2Whose Cubes? Photography imprinted on lighted cubes gives everyone a great view of the guest of honor.

centerpiece4Slam Dunk. Athletes dominate the tablescape to make a winning statement.

centerpiece6Gimme a Break! A visual sugar high celebrates fave candies.

For more cool centerpieces, check out our Pinterest board. Want to discuss your ideas? Check out APC Preferred décor vendors here.

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