Bar Mitzvah celebration desserts are always sweet, but unexpected twists can take your party menu to the next level!




Slice of Heaven. Apple slices get the fondue treatment with sauces and toppings to create a dipper’s delight.




Roll On. Colorful grab-and-go candy treats mimic sushi rolls for an international take on the candy buffet.




Cotton Mouth. Sparkling clear soda poured over fluffy cotton candy makes a cool looking concoction.




Taco Goes Choco. A sweet Mexican spin on sundaes complements a taco or quesadilla bar.




dessert-fruitLeggo my Mango. Fresh fruit in just-baked cones fancy up a healthy treat.




Darkly Delicious. A secret (but totally edible) ingredient makes these cupcakes steal the spotlight, or black light.



For more delish and creative dessert ideas, visit Atlanta Mitzvah Connection’s SWEET Pinterest board Or connect with an AMC Preferred Caterer to brainstorm your dessert ideas!





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