Bar Food: Serve-Yourself Eats Guests Will Devour

We’ve all seen ice cream buffets and taco bars, but consider some fresh serve-yourself food bar options to wow Bar Mitzvah guests when it’s time to chow down.

Waffle House!

Fresh, hot waffles get the bar treatment with sweet and savory toppings.


Custom Coffee & Hot Chocolate.

Flavored whipped creams, dipping cookies and shake ‘em on toppers take regular hot drinks to decadent dessert status.
bar-hot choc

Pick Your Popsicle!

Frozen treats in any flavor dive into granolas, sauces, marshmallows and more.

Biscuit Bar.

How Southern can you get?! Guests can go traditional (butter or gravy) to WAYYYYY out there with unusual jams, spreads and

Spuds Central.

In their jackets, skins only, tots, fries… any-way-you-want -‘em potatoes get decked out with all the

Chili Crazy.

Pour a cold weather fave on nachos, potatoes, hot dogs, and

For more bar food inspiration, check out the BAR FOOD Pinterest page.

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