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When you think of balloons, does your mind only conjure up images of bright Party City-style bouquets? It’s time to jump on Pinterest and search “bar mitzvah balloons”. Today’s balloon décor can be fun and colorful, yes, but also elegant, arty, electrifying and larger than life. We asked three top decorators to share what balloons can REALLY do. Prepare for your mind to be blown.

Balloons can:

Keep Budgets in Check
Balloons can be a cost-effective way to create drama, color and height in a décor plan without being outrageously expensive. Gayle Rubenstein of Balloons Over Atlanta says you can get a lot of “bang for your buck” using balloons to add color, height and fullness to a room. However, extensive artistry (arches or enormous sculptures using thousands of balloons, for example) will have a larger price tag when compared to more modest balloon arrangements.

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Balloons Over Atlanta

Create/Define Spaces
Looking at a big boxy room for your celebration? Balloons to the rescue! Laura Buchanan of Atlanta Events Extraordinaire loves the use of decorative balloons to define entrances and separate spaces within a venue. Creating a wall or backdrop of balloons can be an exciting spot for guest photos, while a canopy of balloons adds pizazz to a dance floor. Columns, arches and sculptures can draw guests to specific areas of a room, denote entrance ways or define the kids lounge from adult space.

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Atlanta Events Extraordinaire

Emphasize a Theme
Atlanta Events Extraordinaire has built 10-foot tall balloon sculptures to fit a theme, like a giant dragon or electric guitar. Balloonacy & Flowers by Holland has created huge balloon walls and balloon columns combined with signage for wayfinding. Balloons Over Atlanta covered a ceiling with fluffy balloon clouds made to create a heavenly scene. Balloon décor’s multi-dimensional qualities can emphasize themes in dynamic ways.



Complement Other Elements
Balloons can blend beautifully with other materials and offer flexibility to do things that other materials can’t. Holland Muscio of Balloonacy & Flowers by Holland says balloons can be used to artfully accent or add height to existing centerpieces, or the balloons can be the basis of the décor piece and images or cut-outs can be added.



Wow Guests
New trends in balloon art include large 3-foot latex balloons lit from within by glittering bright lights, lighted ribbon attachments, sculptures of the bar or bat mitzvah kid engaged in their favorite activity, and three-foot balloons that are remotely “popped” at the same time to release dozens of tiny balloons, similar to a balloon drop effect, to add an element of surprise! (This is an especially exciting idea for families who love confetti but have a no-confetti venue!)

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Atlanta Events Extraordinaire

To explore creative balloon décor options with Atlanta Party Connection Preferred Vendors, click here.

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Balloons Over Atlanta

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