It’s a rare Bar Mitzvah that only has Jewish guests. So how do you explain the basics of Bar Mitzvah info and etiquette without making phone calls to every one of your kid’s school friends? Behold… the insert card as a guide. Slipped into the Bar Mitzvah invitations of non-Jewish guests, it answers all the big questions so that you can get RSVPs faster. (And don’t we all want that?)

The card should contain:
– Definition of Bar/Bat Mitzvah
– What happens during the service
– What guests should wear
– When/where luncheon and/or celebration takes place
– When/where to pick up kids

Check out our sample wording to get you started:

Bat Mitzvah FAQs for Friends of Danielle

What happens during the service?
Following years of study, Danielle will have the honor of leading services for our congregation. She will read from the Torah and read or chant several prayers as part of the Shabbat (Sabbath) morning service. Some parts of the service will be in Hebrew, but a lot will be in English, making it easy to follow along. This service marks Danielle’s transition into the responsibilities of a Jewish adult, committing to following the commandments of the Torah.

Cell phones and all electronic devices should be turned off/silenced since they’re not permitted during the service.

What should I wear?
Girls: Dress or skirt outfit (shoulders should be covered in synagogue)
Boys: Jacket and tie or suit

What happens after the service?
A luncheon will be served to guests in the social hall of our synagogue. Please plan to pick up your child at 1 p.m. We look forward to seeing all the kids at 7 p.m. that evening at VENUE for a fun celebration. They should be ready to eat, drink and dance!

What time is pick up?
Parents should plan to pick up their kids from the VENUE at 11 p.m.

More Questions? 
Please don’t hesitate to reach us at


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