Amp up refreshments at your bar mitzvah party with creative non-alcoholic concoctions that make kids feel special…without imitating adult drinks. Ditch the soda and martini glasses, and consider these cool choices:

1. Magic Perrier. Place fluffy cotton candy (colored to match your theme, of course) in a glass and pour lemon or lime Perrier over it. Voila! Bubbling, colored sparkling water that’s half refreshment/half entertainment.

2. Glowing Lemonade. The secret to this light-up lemonade is tonic water! Mix it with lemonade or orangeade for a glowing glassful and make sure to have black lights around the kids bar area!

3. Rockin’ Juice.  Offer a selection of fun juices (think pineapple, passionfruit, or cranberry) mixed with Sprite and served in a tall glass rimmed with Pop Rocks! Explosive!

4. Fortune-Telling Fresca.  Paint different colors of food coloring on the inside bottom of each glass, and let it dry.  Pour Sprite or Fresca into each glass and see the drink change color thanks to the “hidden” food coloring. Go a step further and provide a legend that explains what each color represents to the person who receives it. Ex.: Did your drink turn purple? You will soon make a friend who will teach you something new!

5. Italian Soda Sips. Guests create their own soda flavors by mixing fruity syrups with soda water, and adding whipped cream for a true European-style drink that can double as dessert!

6. Glacier Punch. Freeze gummies that fit the bar mitzvah child’s theme ( worms, sharks, bears, peaches) into ice cubes or balls. Float them in a lightly colored punch or sports drink. As they melt, they look great in glasses and chill the drink. Once melted, kids can eat the gummy treat!

7. Milk and cookies Mocktail.  Serve ice cold dairy, almond, or coconut milk in short tumblers rimmed with chocolate or sprinkles and topped with a fresh chocolate chip cookie.  A perfect end-of-party pick me up!

Visit Atlanta Party Connection’s Mocktail Mania Pinterest page for more ideas!


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