You are somewhere in that time between that day when you got your mitzvah date and the big day. How are you doing? Even if your mitzvah is 2 years out or 3 months away, you may be getting stressed out. Here are some tips from fellow moms that have been there.

1. Don’t Stress Over the Small Stuff (there’s a lot of small stuff!)
There are a ton of decisions you have to make (Are you really still deciding if these pink bar napkins match your centerpieces?) Try to just make good decisions and move on – stressing over every little thing is going to kill you (and you are never going to get everything done!) And trust your vendors to help you with the decision making. If you hire good vendors, they will guide you in the right direction.

2. Say ‘you are sorry’ now – because you are going to feel bad about something later!
It’s a fact – everyone has an opinion about your mitzvah (whether you want to hear it or not)! And that includes your parents, your in-laws, your friends, maybe even your next-door neighbor’s cousin who just had a bar mitzvah! Be polite, listen and then do what feels right! When you look back on this weekend, you and your family will be the ones with all of these memories -much more than anyone else.

3. Make your lists and check them twice.
Shopping Lists, Check Lists, List of to-dos for each vendor, Clothing lists (for each family member), Photo Lists (you don’t want to be bummed at the end of the party that you didn’t get that photo with all of your childhood friends or your kid’s soccer team), keep making lists!

4. If you don’t want to do something at your mitzvah – Don’t Do It! If you want to do something different than everyone else – Do It! No rules.
Who says you have to do the mother-son dance at all or need to do the hora at exactly 9:15? Do what feels right for you. Unless you want a 4 hour montage of every picture since birth, then I would say Don’t Do It, but in general, don’t feel like you have to do it one particular way if you don’t like it.

5. Something will go wrong – but your guests probably won’t even notice!
Just like the song says….Let It Go! But just to be safe – think ahead…. decide the weather back-up plan, bring an extra copy of the montage and seating chart, hire security to keep the kids in the party, make sure you have covered any dietary issues that may come up (vegetarians, allergies, kosher meals, etc), and email all the vendors to remind them where to go and when. When something goes wrong, and it probably will – it’s OK – enjoy your wonderful day!

Have more tips or need a tip on something in particular? Let me know!


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