5 Fun Ways to Gift $$ For a Mitzvah

cash candy pic

We all know cash is king as a bar or bat mitzvah gift, but since so many give it, it can be a tad (yawn) boring. Bump up the excitement of gifting bucks with these great ideas:

1. Balloon their Bank Account. A big balloon filled with bills and confetti is a festive way to present a monetary gift.

2. Money Tree. Money doesn’t really grow on trees, but you can make it look like it by crafting a topiary of bills in a hand painted pot.  

3. Slice of the Pie.  A pizza box and a round base is all you need to make a dollar bill pizza. Many pizzerias will give you an extra box after dining, so think ahead when you next go out for slices.

cash pizza box

4. Tissue Box Trick.  Fill an empty facial tissue box with bills, taped together end –to-end with pretty washi tape.  Decorate the outside with a message to the recipient reminding them to not “blow” it all in one place!

cash tissue box

5. Wallet Included. Present the bar/bat mitzvah kid with a fresh new wallet, filled with bills and/or gift cards. This is a neat way to give money while also a lasting, useful reminder of your gift.

cash wallet

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