13 Years in 10 Minutes: Tips for a Terrific Video Montage

How do you compile 13 years of memories into a meaningful, but entertaining, video presentation? Start with these expert-tested tips to get organized and energized about your montage project:

  • Begin early. – It takes a while to go through all your memories, especially if they’re not currently organized or if you get sentimental while looking through old photos and videos. I recommend starting 10 months before your Mitzvah date.
  • Start with “yes.” – First, create a file of every picture you MAY want to use.  Don’t worry about decisions yet. Next, start whittling down that selection with the following in mind:
    • Look for close-ups. Pics taken from too far away will still be difficult to see on a big screen.
    • Represent as many family members and friends of your Mitzvah kid as you can – guests love to see themselves in the montage!
    • Horizontal shots work better than vertical ones when projected on the wide screen.
    • Choose clarity over sentiment – if it was a great moment but not a great image, don’t use it.
  • Get a second opinion. Have a friend look over your selections. Non-family members will be more objective to help you further weed out the images that you love but that may not work well in this format.
  • Order your images. Start putting images and/or video clips in a sequence you want them to appear. Remember, it doesn’t have to be by category (all baby pics, all family pics, all friend pics….).  Some of the coolest montages are in chronological order instead!
  • Choose music. What kind of music does your Mitzvah kid love? Which songs remind you of certain times in their life? Pick songs with meaning, but don’t make it too slow all the way through – you want them tapping their toes to the beat at the end, and ready to get up and dance afterward!
  • Be brief. Yes, you might not include every image you would want, but remember that you have a room full of guests who came to celebrate with your family, not watch a movie!

The best tip of all is to hire professional help! These amazing montage vendors will do magic with your photos and make your Mitzvah kid a star!

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