13 Questions for your Caterer

Catering image

So you will spend more money on food vs. anything else for your BIG EVENT, so what do you need to know?  Here are 13 questions to get you started.

1. Pricing? Adult menu prices vs Kids menu prices (kids pricing should include your 13 year olds)

2. What’s included? Are linens included in the fee?

3. Room layout? Will they give you a diagram so you can create table assignments?

4. Can you bring in your own alcohol?

5. Liquor charges – open bar vs consumption? Different levels of liquor prices?

6. Are unlimited sodas included?

7. Is food prepared on-site or off-site?

8. How many servers & bartenders?

9. Do they charge for vendor meals?

10. Will they set up your favors & place cards?

11. Do they provide all glassware, flatware & china? What do they look like?

12. Is gratuity included?

13. Do you have a tasting?

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