TECH SUPPORT: Connecting Remote Guests to Your Bar Mitzvah

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are happening! Although different, they can be meaningful and special, and include ALL the guests you want. Of course, many of them can’t be in the same room. So, we’ve put together a list of vendors below that offer services to help you connect with guests no matter where they are. Daniel Espeut of Espeute Productions also supplied helpful tips for choosing a video production resource.

Planning Tools & Tips
-Think about what you want the experience to be for guests. Do you want them to just view, or interact as well? That’ll determine your platform selection for sharing your service/celebration.
-How much do you want to see your remote guests and/or interact with them? If using Zoom, you can have a station on a giant screen, so that it becomes part of the entertainment experience of the day, both for in person and remote guests.
-Research partners’ experience in streaming live milestone events. You don’t want to be their first!
-Make sure video partners have a plan for power and stable connections in locations like outdoor venues and backyards, and ability tofollow formal Shabbat rules in synagogues.
-Back up is essential! Know what the plan is for backups of this once-in-a-lifetime event.
-Let your guests be just that: guests. Leave the tech support and video coverage to professional partners.
-Professional video production is worth it. It’s likely that your guest lists will be much smaller for awhile. That reduced expenditure for catering or décor can go to creating the best possible view for your remote guests and a beautifully captured record of the service to have afterward.
AMP'D ENTERTAINMENT Livestream celebration.

These vendors have the expertise to ensure no one misses this once-in-a-lifetime milestone.


Livestreaming/Zoom Broadcasts


Real time one-way or two-way inclusion of remote guests in service or celebration, plus recording of the day's events as they happened.


Atlanta Fever Entertainment

Espeute Productions


Party Express Entertainment



Espeute Productions Bar Mitzvah Service Live Broadcast

Montage in Broadcast

For those who broadcast services, you can include a montage to play after the virtual service or as part of the service.

Blue Orchid Productions

Life on Film Photography

Spotlight Productions